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With more and more homeowners and businesses looking to cut down energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint, solar energy solutions become highly imperative. The primary step is to install a suitable solar PV system registered with SEAI grants.

SOLARCRAFT LTD specialises in installing solar panels anywhere in Ireland, from Dublin to other surrounding areas. We use the best-ever solar power technology and mounting kits to deliver the most powerful PV systems that will stand ahead in the test of time.

Our core message is to conserve and create a long-term social and environmental future for the planet. One way to achieve a sustainable, greener environment is by inspiring homes, businesses, and communities to install solar power in Ireland.

Benefits of Solar PV Panels

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Installing solar PV panels reduce your impact on the environment by generating renewable, sustainable, and clean energy directly from the sun. Unlike other sources of energy such as coal, gas, and oil, we can’t run out of solar energy and hence, limit our carbon footprint.

Reduce Electricity Bills by up to 70%

With a power solar PV system installed, you can save ample money on your electricity bills. Reduce or eliminate the need to pay for energy with free, natural energy from sunlight. Save around €530 per year and up to €12,000 in lifetime savings.

Improve Your BER Rating

Installing a solar PV system on your roof can significantly enhance your BER rating as it shows you are generating your own renewable electricity. A good rating is not only desirable but also attracts buyers and increases the property value.

What’s Involved?

Site Survey

We visit your site and inspect everything to proceed with solar panel installation. We see available space for solar PV systems and how renewable energy will pay back.

Energy Requirement

We will measure your current energy needs and also future requirements to plan your installation accordingly for better outcomes.


We plan and design solar panel installation. Depending on your needs, space, and goals, we decide how many solar you will need and the option to store surplus energy.


After discussing the pricing, our qualified team of solar PV installers carries out the operations on-site. The installation job goes smoothly with no disruption to your normal supply.

Want to upgrade your premises to clean solar energy? Get in touch with us!

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