Install Solar Panels for Farm – Enjoy Savings and Energy Independence

Solar PV electricity is the world’s most reliable and cost-effective form of renewable energy. It serves as a viable technology for robotic dairy, poultry, and pig farms – significant users of electricity.

Farmers can enjoy a payback of fewer than 5 years on their solar PV investment and supply of renewable electricity for over 30 years. They will qualify for a 40% TAMS grant supply for 11kWp solar PV and 6kWp battery storage installation. Young farmers can receive up to 60% grants from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

When you invest in solar panels for farm use, they can generate returns and minimise the risk of costly technical failure. SOLARCRAFT LTD supplies solar PV systems that are robust, long-lasting, and equipped to cope with all farming environments and weather conditions.

High-Tech Solar Panels for Farm Buildings

SOLARCRAFT offers high-grade solar panels for farm that can generate up to 50 years of environmentally friendly electricity. Our batteries and inverters combined provide lasting protection against energy price volatility and grid failure. Install solar panels on your farm today and see how much you can save on electricity and cut your carbon footprint.

With years of experience and superior production, we deliver the most comprehensive range of solar panels for farmers suitable for the Irish climate. Install solar panels as a farmer if you care about:

  • Sustainability – you are environmentally conscious
  • Independence – you value your freedom
  • Innovation – revolution, and modernity go together
  • Business – maximise your harvest
  • Individual solutions – protection from rising energy prices and increased independence from utilities
  • Return on investment – higher energy yields for decades

A Win-Win Situation with Solar PV for Farms

Solar PV is a cost-effective solution to generate renewable electricity and now is the best time to install it. If you generate power during the day, it can be automatically redirected into battery storage to heat water – required in increasing quantities on dairy farms going forward.

Solar PV enjoys remarkable grant options and qualifies for a 100% tax write-off in the year of installation and full VAT refunds. Rest assured knowing we can build a lasting legacy for your family and farming business, committed to increasing returns from your land and property and cutting your carbon emissions.

Interested in solar panels for farm use? Contact us today!

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