Solar Carport Installation in Dublin, Ireland

Having a solar carport installed gives you endless opportunities and allows you to operate your carport as you want. Save money, use a natural, green energy source, and have better accessibility to car charging – installing solar PV carports make perfect sense.

SOLARCRAFT LTD combines innovative technology and engineering to add more value to your home. It shelters you from the weather while plugging in your EV and eventually, help you harness the power of the sun. We provide bespoke solar carport installation services, from initial concept through implementation.

Our priority is to ensure each and every carport installation in Ireland we complete meets the highest standards and results in 100% satisfaction. Our specialist team has years of experience in solar energy solutions and provides the best solar panel car ports that are rare to find anywhere else.

Eco-Friendly & Economically Wise

A solar carport is a steel structure that provides shelter for vehicles while generating solar energy. The electricity produced can either be used on-site or used to charge a fleet of electric vehicles. A solar carport is useful for companies exploring solar panel options with or without adequate roof space. It also provides additional space for companies that want to extend their PV system.

Solar PV carports can boost land value and create revenue opportunities for site operators from EV charge points and branding. 

We take pride in all of our work – manage your solar panel carports installation, planning application, and grid connection consents. We work with you at every step to create a customised solar carport that fits your needs perfectly. We have ready-made models and solutions that can quickly install at your convenience.

Certified Solar Carport Installers in Ireland

SOLARCRAFT LTD is a specialised solar carport installer, offering advice in regard to electric vehicle charging and installing a wide range of PV solar carports for both residential and commercial use. Our technical team designs solar carports from scratch, tailored to your budget and special needs. 

Our solar panel carport solutions are quick and easy to install, saving ample time, money, and effort. They can be adapted, expanded, and will maintain their value over time.

  • Increase on-site energy generation
  • Charge electric vehicles on-site
  • Make a statement on sustainability
  • Amazing parking experience
  • Create a new revenue stream

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