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Empower Education: Solar Grants for Greener & Brighter Schools

Embark on an enlightening journey with SolarCraft’s Solar Grants for Schools. Illuminate minds, trim energy costs, and embrace sustainability. Our grants empower educational institutions to lead the charge in the solar revolution. Let SolarCraft guide your school towards a brighter, greener future.

Solar PV Programme for Schools

In a collaborative announcement, Minister for Education Norma Foley TD and Minister for the Environment, Climate, and Communications Eamon Ryan TD have unveiled the inaugural phase of the SolarCraft Photovoltaic Programme, encompassing more than 1,600 educational institutions. This initiative will financially support the installation of up to 6 kilowatts of roof-mounted solar PV systems for eligible schools, inclusive of grid connection and provision of a monitoring and display screen.

The SolarCraft Photovoltaic Programme operates as a decentralized initiative, guided by a comprehensive program framework developed by the Department of Education. 

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How to get

SolarCraft School Program: How to Get Started

Invited schools are kindly asked to enroll in the programme and obtain confirmation of their eligibility before reaching out for project quotations. Contractors participating in the tender process will supply quotes directly to the schools. These quotes will then be submitted by the schools to the Department of Education for assessment. Upon approval, complete funding will be granted for the verified expenses.

Solar School Grant Enquiry Form

To quickly address your queries about the Solar School Grant, kindly fill out the form below. Our dedicated team will promptly reach out to assist you in navigating the registration process and addressing any questions you may have. Begin your solar adventure with SolarCraft today! 

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