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Solar Benefits

Amid shifting energy markets, businesses are embracing Solar Technology to enjoy Solar Energy Benefits. Cut costs, reduce environmental impact, and gain energy independence with solar services.

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Solar Operating Costs Reduced

The energy costs of your business are greatly reduced when you convert to free Solar Energy. Energy bills can be reduced by up to 60/70%, saving substantially each month, and for years to come. 

Installing a Solar PV system is a wise investment, and potentially, you could see a complete return on investment anywhere from around 10-15 years, all while generating free energy from daylight. 

Now is the right time to consider retrofitting your home or business with a Solar PV system and Solar Energy Benefits start generating free solar energy for years to come.  

Green Future For Your Business

Taking the steps now to change to solar power, ensure clean sustainable practices within the work environment, and will ensure a greener, better workspace for the future.

These Solar Energy Benefits include reduced energy bills, reduced carbon footprint, being more eco-friendly, (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, and availing of government grants to assist with the initial cost of changing to Solar Power.

Solar EV Electric Vehicle charging
Solar PV Car Ports

Heating Your Water

Further to creating electricity for your home or business, when the system creates excess supply, this will be diverted to heat your water, before what you don’t consume is sent to the grid, for which you will be paid for by your energy provider.

Increase in Property Value

Your property will undoubtedly increase in value when a solar-sustainable energy solution is installed. Solar Energy Benefits saving systems when installed can improve your (BER) Building Energy Rating and improve compliance with Irish Building Regulations Part L

Solar Inverters

Free Renewable Energy

By Installing SOLARCRAFT Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system at your home or business you generate free natural renewable energy from daylight.

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