Solar Batteries – A Great Backup Against Power Cuts

You might think after installing solar panels on your roof, your job is done. However, if you want to get the most efficiency out of your solar PV systems, invest in a solar battery to optimise solar energy usage.

A solar panel battery can help store the excess electricity that is produced from solar panels. Since there will be times when solar panels generate more electricity than you require, don’t waste the rest when you can save it for a cloud day. 

The battery is connected to your solar panels and begins storing energy that generates when not being used. When there is no sun, electricity stored in a solar panel battery will continue to power your home.

Better for the Environment

Having a solar power battery means you will be able to limit carbon emissions and the usage of fossil fuels. It ensures you don’t have to depend on the grid as much and therefore, reduces your non-renewable energy consumption. Also, no worries about blackouts when you have a solar battery to power all appliances.

Save on Electricity Bills

A solar battery will reduce the amount of energy you use from the energy supplier. When using a solar battery, you won’t be off the national grid and thus, it reduces your electricity bills drastically. 

You will be able to maximise solar panels by storing the excess energy for later. This is important as you won’t be wasting renewable energy to a large extent.

Invest in Solar Batteries in Dublin, Ireland

SOLARCRAFT LTD continues to invest in product innovation and renewable energy sources. We supply solar batteries in Ireland that use the latest technology and equipment to enhance your lifestyle and produce your own green energy. 

We suggest you take the best advantage of battery packs and charge it at night when it’s less expensive. Our dedicated installers will install both solar panels and batteries or you can add a battery if the solar PV system is already installed.

When solar PV panels are paired with a smart battery, the excess energy produced goes into charging your battery. So, instead of sending excess electricity back to the grid, you store it in a battery that can discharge and power appliances when required.

The main advantage of solar battery storage is the ability to use the energy generated by PV panels during the day and store it to power your home in the evening and overnight.

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