Solar Grants Drop! Save Additional €600 Before 1st January 2024

The SEAI Grant

From January 2024 the Government will be reducing the SEAI Solar Grant from €4000 to €2400. The EV charger grant will be reduced from €600 to €300 and the Solar Grant itself will be reduced from €2400 to €2100.

But don’t worry there is a silver lining and you can seize the opportunity to leap into the world of Solar , if you apply for the Solar Grant before the 31st of December 2023 you will still qualify for the €4000 grant meaning you will be saving an extra €600. Also if you apply for the Solar Grant before the 31st of December you can avail of a special offer from Solar Craft in which you can get an EV charger or additional panels on us for free. Don’t worry installation does not have to take place until after the new year.

So hurry up and get your application in. Make sure you choose Solarcraft as your installer when applying for the solar PV grant and we will take care of everything from there.

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EV Car Chargers

Charging your electric car from your house or place of business is now considerably simpler. You made the right decision by selecting an electric vehicle, and adding an EV charger to your car will not only save you a lot of money but also help the environment become greener and better. Solarcraft provides dependable, superior EV charging stations and installs them.

In the market for an EV charger? Take advantage of a SEAI Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant, which can cover up to €600 for the installation and purchase of an EV home charger.


  • Consider the positioning and direction of your property, giving preference to south-facing roofs for optimal solar panel efficiency.
  • Take into account your daily electricity consumption patterns. Prioritize using electronic devices during daylight hours for increased cost-effectiveness.
  • Implement a diverter to boost savings. Redirect excess energy to heat water, effectively utilizing surplus power.
  • Enhance energy utilization by integrating a Battery Storage Unit. Combine Solar PV panels with a battery storage system and a day/night meter for substantial savings. 

Solar Power Pays Off: Refer a Pal and
Earn a Sparkling €250 Grant Towards Your
Green Energy Revolution!

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Check If You're Eligible For Grant Upto €4000

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Solar Grants Drop! Save Additional €600 Before 1st January 2024