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Go Green, with sustainable energy

Thinking of going green!! installing a SOLARCRAFT Solar PV-Panels in your home is the smart first move. Solar PV panels generate power, when exposed to daylight, even in Irish weather, while obviously they perform best during direct sunlight.  

As energy costs are rising, now is the right time to make the switch to renewable, sustainable energy for the future. Take back control of your energy costs, by installing a Solar PV system and harness the free energy of the sun. 


Installation Made Easy

Depending on your house or business premises and the size of the selected Solar PV system, an installation can take as little as a half day for a domestic installation or up to a number of days for a commercial premises installation.

Our team will be happy to discuss all options and answer any questions you may have.


Installation Made Easy

Solar PV panels require very little maintenance, but you should monitor the performance of your system regularly. It is easy and simple to check your inverter and energy meter to ensure everything is performing and operating correctly.
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